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Advanced link building strategies in 2018!

Wondering about the current status of link building? Has it turned out or is still alive and kicking?

Although backlinks are one of the many ways to assure the ranking factors in the SEO industry but are still one of the most preferred ones. Algorithms provided by Google keeps evolving but still, there is no match to links when it comes to finding a better way to measure the authority of your content or the trust others place in it.

Now, the question is how SEOs build link these days?

In a survey done in Seattle, the results have shown that along with a focus on building links focus has also shifted from quantity to quality as it is beneficial for the health of the website. Nowadays, link building takes more efforts, time, and calculated steps as compared to earlier times, but every effort that is made into it pay off very well and is worth it.
Here in this blog, you’ll be acknowledged with some methods that help in link building:
  Assets such as data & research: Invest in original data and research as it is the best link building method and ranks at #1 among link building techniques. For any business where the “content is king” it is highly crucial to keep the content updated and making it more valuable as per industry insights. One can earn more backlinks by having a creative control over it and attaching blog article or social media post that references your findings.
  Build relatively paid links: Legitimate paid methods to be efficient link building methods 68% of the time. Before getting paid links to start with organic links. Build links slowly and deliberately and do a thorough research on target sites. Bring variation in your keyword-anchored text and most important never hide it.
  Build links by sharing content on social media: Link building through social media is by far the most popular strategy. To build links through social media use social listening tools to find platforms that earn your brand mentions and focus. Find patterns in content and create quality and innovativeness. Share, promote, and remark your content.
 Build links with videos: Just as you do with the content, also share and promote any self-hosted and relevant video on social media. It’s never too late to start with this. You can always ask sites that have embedded your video to include the link of your website. Ask websites to attach a link of your company and run YouTube URLs through backlinks.
  Publish interviews specific to market: Publishing PR based assets is another effective technique for link building. Just like original research and authentic writing high-quality interviews are really appreciated by the readers. To create link-worthy interviews be prepared and flexible, practice questions beforehand, publish, promote, and remarket your findings.
Fish where the fish is and use the right bait...

Along with efficient link building and other ranking factors. Come up with ideas that your audience would love and then just project them on the targeted audience. Feed daily but don't overfeed: Create links regularly but do not do over-linking as it can lead to worse results.

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