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Voice search and it's impacts on digital marketing!

The adoption of voice search is the biggest change that had impacted the industry of digital marketing on a very vast basis. With huge advancements in technology over the past few years, the use of smart phone assistants and smart speakers like Siri for iPhone, Google Home, Alexa etc has escalated. As per the statistics in 2016, it has been observed that the gift item that was sold most was none other than the Echo Dot. All these gadgets are equipped with voice search control that enables one, to use them even without touching them. But have you ever wondered what voice search actually is, and how it will impact digital marketing business? Here we'll tell you about all ins and outs of voce search related to digital marketing.

Let's first take a look at what voice search actually is:

All the way back in 1952 when Audrey used to recognize numbers from voice inputs, therefore, it's nothing new. Among the vast array of applications that voice search has the voice receptionist function is highly used by companies to assist with customer service outing. Voice search is nothing but a speech recognition technology that enables the users to search for a particular thing by just saying the terms out loud and clear. There's no need to do typing in the search field. A lot of smart phones and tech-friendly gadgets that are web enabled has shown high interest in voice search.

What does voice search means for digital marketing?

Searching and surfing are highly integral to the business side of any company using digital marketing. The speed of typing is very low as compared to the speed of speaking words that is up to 150 words per minute, very high as compared to that of typing 40 words per minute. This clearly demonstrates how convenient it is to use voice search for searching something. The average voice search results should be written in a simple and concise manner so that it can be understood by a layman. With voice search, the length of the keywords that are to be targeted will increase. the search becomes longer and is more conversational in tone than ever. Needless to say, this will be impacting hugely how we do keyword research and on-page SEO. With voice search, the place at which people are searching doesn't matter. Content marketing will be highly affected by this voice search strategy. The writer has to come up with very concise answers in the content. The language in the content needs to be more natural. But a content writer needs to be highly accurate in choosing the right set of the words to rank high.

Various applications of voice search are:

  Making search engine queries.
  Clarifying specifics of the request.
 Requesting specific information, such as a stock quote or sports score.
 Launching programs and selecting options.
 Searching for content in audio or video files.
With such a large number of various ways that voice search is affecting the digital marketing strategies, it is sure to implement the strategies at right time and in right direction. Grow your business and prosper in the marketing world with our effective digital marketing strategies just apt for you.